When making strategic business decisions, it’s indispensable to understand the often complex and changing local management and administration requirements which are vital for the companies good standing.

Because many firms face difficulties when navigating in an unfamiliar, ever-changing regulatory environment as they extend their business across borders, our major goal is to become a reliable in-house partner for our clients by performing the day-to-day organisation and administrative tasks, which are frequently repetitive and time consuming.

We  support our clients by offering dedicated management and administration services, including but not limited to corporate due diligence (UBO Register, Economic Substance Requirement); provision of physical usage of P.O.Box,  maintenance and renewals of licenses, including timely informing on due dates and deadlines; drafting, editing and proofreading all types of corporate statutory and commercial documents (resolutions, power of attorney, minutes of meeting); regulatory and compliance services Know Your Customer (KYC) and Risk Assessment obligations; and liaising with government authorities, banks, lawyers, commercial offices and agents as appropriate.

In addition all other secretarial administrative work such as attestation and legalisation ( Courts, Notary Public, Embassies/Consulates etc.), legal translation of documents, certification of documents as true copies by authorised bodies (Lawyers, Certified Chartered Accountants etc.) are performed in the most effective and efficient manner.